Friday, November 25, 2011

nudity i can be proud of

in the pursuit of nudity i can be proud of, i have started my visalus 90 day challenge!  i had a baby in september 2010.  unlike the pregnancy before that one, i had a relatively easy time losing the weight.  didn't get all the way down to pre baby weight, but pre baby weight was super sickly skinny, so i was good with it.

however, since quitting my very busy and active waitressing job at steak-n-shake, i have put on 20 pounds.  i'm utterly ashamed to even admit it (but stay tuned, i intend to admit lots of stuff here in cherished blog-land.)  i can't really imagine how, chasing around these children.  plus, i only worked 18 hours a week at steak-n-shake so i just don't get it.  but my skinny jeans officially don't fit now.  infact, almost none of my jeans fit, certainly not comfortably.

but i'm pretty excited about visalus.  when i received it, i found it came with a suggested work-out routine that is practical and not over-whelming.  today i drank my shake for breakfast and lunch and had absolutely no problem at all with hunger control.  i also already felt better energy than usual, and did not have a headache today for the first time in weeks!  for dinner, i still didn't feel compelled to over eat.  i made thanksgiving foods for my hubby tonight because he wasn't home yesterday.  but i ate ramen noodles, and mashed potatoes with no butter or salt.  so i am encouraged by a good start because sista, somethin' gotta give!

when i mentioned a possible weight loss of up to ten pounds in the first week, my brother chastised me because i want to be healthy, but rapid weight loss is very unhealthy.  i told him, he had misunderstood my intentions, i don't care about healthy, i want to be pretty for my husband.

yep, that's pretty coldly shallow, please don't abandon me on the spot because i will have lots of non-shallow things to say too, don't worry.  but that's the situation as of today.