Friday, January 27, 2012

Tree Art How To

I have totally gotten hooked on Pinterest!  One Facebook friend referred to me as a "Pinterest Diva."  That is a fact.  I loooove the inspiration and ideas that I get from Pinterest.  This is a picture I made today inspired origianlly by one I saw on Pinterest, which you can find for purchase at the following url:

Mine was really very easy.  I bought a black frame at the thrift store that actually already had the mat.  You can find similar frames at Walmart, but always check thrift stores first.  Then, I painted the bottom layer of the mat with red acrylic paint.

Next, I painted a sheet of regular computer paper with black acrylic paint. 

While waiting for those to dry, I used foam paper to cut out two hearts.  I painted the hearts with the same red paint, then poured red glitter onto the wet paint, dusting off the excess and putting it back in the jar.  You can also get glitter at Walmart, or at the Dollar Tree. 

Then I set those three items aside to dry.  Next, I went online and googled, "Tree Template."  I selected a plane black and white tree outline, copy and pasted it onto a Word document, stretching it to fit the whole page.  On the following page, I pasted lyrics from a song that Adam and I wrote, running it all toghether as one big long sentence, then increased the font size to cover the whole page.  Then, I printed off the tree, reloaded the printed tree into the printer, and printed the words over the tree and cut out the tree.

I assembled the black sheet and mat into the frame.  I placed the tree where I wanted it and hot glued it.  However, if you prepare your tree in advance, you could actually just insert it straight into the wet paint on the black background.  Then, I glued a small yarn ribbon to a tree branch, and added the glitter hearts.  Et Voila!  Very easy.

There are many ways this project can be done to produce beautiful meaningful art.  Plus, I love tree art anyway!  I plan on doing one representing my children using a colored tree and patterned background with a wooden frame as well!