Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Hydroxycut Weight Loss Review

Hydroxycut is a brand of diet pills which claim to be an appetite suppressant. There are several varieties available, including a new line of powders that you add to water. You are supposed to take two pills, 3 times a day 30-60 minutes prior to meals. It costs about $19 for a bottle of sixty and they advise that you take them in conjunction with a proper diet and exercise, as in six small meals a day, 1.5 hours a day of cardio fitness, and 4 30 minute weight training routines per week.
The first time I began taking them, I took the regular Hydroxycut. It made me SUPER hyper, to the extreme. Plus, it made me slightly dizzy and made my heart feel like it would beat straight out of my chest. However, I don't expect it would have this effect on everyone, I am just super sensitive to medications. So, I decided to switch to the no caffine anti-stimulant variety. They were great. They are very effective in supressing appetite. I also still felt a lot more productive and up beat even without the stimulant. They must just boost your metabolism, because I got the boost without the racing heart and the dizzies. Literally, Hydroxycut melted pounds off, and I didn't even adhere to their recommended diet and exercise! I lost ten pounds within the first week!!! The only draw back to Hydroxycut for me which does cause me to not use it for very long is that it causes me to loose a lot of hair. As in, when my hair is pulled back, it is noticably thin while I take them. Fortunately, for me they work so well and so quickly, I don't take them for very long stretches. Also, I have heard that whenever you have success from diet pills, when you stop taking them you gain the weight back instantly. This was not the case with hydroxycut. It works so well, it gets you in new habits, and the weight stays off fairly well.