Thursday, September 20, 2012

Child Abuse: The Art and Poetry of Sam Manns

 Child abuse is not only an affliction, but a violent epidemic, poisoning the world. 

Every year in the United States, and estimated 3.3 million reports are made of child abuse.  Just consider, how many more are not reported?  5 children per day lose their lives, here in the US because of child abuse (citation).  Nearly 80% of those children who die are under the age of four.  Imagine, if you will, what a four year old child could ever possibly do to deserve to die at the hands of an abuser?  Or any child, of any age?

More than 90% of children who are sexually abused, know their abusers.

Up to 30% of abused children will repeat the cycle, by abusing children in the future.

About 80% of children abused meet the criteria to be diagnosed with some psychological disorder by the time they reach age 21.

Child abuse exponentially increases the change a person will be sexually promiscuous, become pregnant as a teenager, have greater exposure to STDs, and be much more likely to be arrested, or commit violent crimes.

Lay a hand on a child, you damage them for life.  Period.  I'm not talking about appropriate discipline, I'm talking about abuse.  I'm talking about hateful words.  I'm talking about painful blows.  I'm talking about a lack of basic love and affection.  Even people in the very worst of economic situations have the potential to be excellent and loving parents.  In fact, people who are for all practical purposes, excellent and loving parents will tell you that its actually easy to be an excellent and loving parent.  Sure, its sometimes difficult to make ends meet, hard to put food on the table, come up with the rent...  But it should not ever be hard to look down into the face of a child and love the child.  Ever.  If it is hard, there's something wrong.  And lets not forget that even if you are a great parent, you must be in constant regard for who your are allowing around your kid.  Food for thought.

Please enjoy the following art and poetry of Samantha Manns:

Abused and broken,
Childhood stolen.
Grabbed, hit, little bit, piece of shit
Child unfit.
And I'm aware it's "all my fault"; but
I'm a child -- you're an adult.
A wonderful being of curiosity
And a violent monster, torturous, see the
Yearning vibrance in my eyes
Echos as pain in my nighttime cries.
An ounce of love per cup of shame --
The sting of comfort after pain.
Much worse when you say my name after
"I love you" like it's still the same
Type of love that it was before --
Moments ago when you called me a whore.
But trust me, these screams aren't unheard:

We all heard every word.

Sam is a victim of childhood abuse.  Sam suffers from Anorexia with a binge/purge subtype.  She has also been diagnosed with Disassociative Identity Disorder (DID.)  This poem is Sam's response to being abused, from the perspective of a person with multiple personalities.

When we engage in any for of abusing a child, we lend to that child images he or she can never ever be free of again.  We change them forever.  As human beings, we don't have the right to change somebody in a negative manner, certainly not a child.  

Currently, Sam’s art is not for sale.  However, she can be contacted here about commissions. 
All images and poetry in this posting are sole property of Samantha Manns, not to be reproduced in any way without her express written consent.