Sunday, September 2, 2012


I have FINALLY learned to crochet!  I have wanted to learn to crochet, well, all my life!  I've had people try to teach me, used Youtube tutorials, and tried to teach myself; to no avail.  Finally, I looked inside one of those old crochet leaflets from circa 1972 and it had some suh-weet how to, including diagrams, written instruction, crochet abbreviation charts, and how to read patterns.  Bam!  I got it!  I found an updated version of the leaflet I used that finally made it all click here.

So, in my first week of crocheting, I made myself a winter set.  The first thing I made was a slouchy hat.  I was kind of going for a Rastafari look.  I used this lady's awesome pattern which you can find here.
I used the exact same yarn that she suggests in her pattern and it was a very easy yarn to work with.  Also, in the pattern, she suggests in a spot to add extra rows to get a slouchier hat.  I also suggest doing that.  I would like a slouchier version to tuck my hair into, but I was so excited it was actually working that I couldn't wait to finished and skipped the extra rows.  But, this lady made an awesome pattern, this was literally the first thing I made, and she made it so easy!!
The next item that I made was this really neat scarf.  The free pattern I used for this scarf can be found here.  VERY COOL PATTERN!!!  Now, i did use a different yarn than this author suggested.  I chose a bulky yarn that would be warm but match the colors in the hat that I made.  The lady who originated this pattern made her scarf super wide so it could double as a shawl.  I was going for a skinny, long scarf, which is what I like and it came out beautifully in only four rows.  She made this pattern for all chaining and no complicated stictches!!
Finally, I was able to make a pair of fingerless gloves.  The pattern for these amazing things can be found here.  Now, I used the same yarn I used for the scarf on these, and I do suggest picking something closer to what the author of the pattern suggests.  This big bulky yarn was hard to work with making these things.  But, they are going to be super warm!  I have such cold hands, but rarely wear gloves because they hinder my activity too much.  But these are so perfect!  Now I can not freeze my hands off at art shows!  Happy crocheting!!