Thursday, September 20, 2012

How to Make Crochet Jewelry

 Now that I have learned to crochet, I've been experimenting with some new jewelry making techniques!  I have to tell you, I'm really loving making crochet jewelry!  I'm an avid hemp weaver, and crochet jewelry gives you that macrame effect, but is a lot easier to do. 

 In the top picture, with the crab charm, I used thin, white crochet yarn.  You are not going to believe how simple it was!  All I did was thread the beads onto the yarn in the order I wanted them to appear, starting and ending with the toggle closure findings.  The charm you can either add in with beads, or you can apply it later with needle nose pliers.

Next, I croceted a chain 6 and joined into a circle with a slip stitch.  Before I joined it, I slipped out the crochet hook, so I could slip the first toggle closure piece into the ring.  Then, the closure is enclosed inside the circle and very firmly attached to the piece.  I particularly loved that part, its hard to attach the closure pieces to jewelry.  Then, I single stitched around the ring to make it look pretty.  Next, I chained out 5, then chained an additional three, then inserted the hook into the third chain from the hook.  I pulled the next prestrung bead to the hook, then YO and pull through to create single crochet.  Once I repeated this pattern for the length of the bracelet and installed the other closure finding, I simply went back across the piece with single crochets.  At the end, I suggest cutting your yarn, tying a knot with the original end, trimming off excess, and sealing with jewelry glue to make it so your piece will never unravel.

The other two pieces you see pictured were made with the exact same method, but I used brown, waxed hemp.  Love love LOVE this technique with hemp.  The hemp was super easy to work with.  The charms you see were also handmade from Sculpey clay, painted, and sealed with Mod Podge. 

This piece was inspired by my wedding day, which was October 11, 2010.  We got married at sunset beneath a bunch of trees that were raining leaves down on us.

Happy crocheting!