Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Nationwide Children's Hospital

Nationwide Children's Hospital, located at 700 Children's Drive in downtown Columbus, Ohio sprawls over about three blocks and is in the process of expanding. Columbus Children's was founded in 1892 by a group of local women to care for a handful of critically ill children and has expanded to the massive home of miracles that it is today. The hospital is in the middle of a historic transformation thanks to the 2007 donation from Nationwide Foundation. Slated for 2012, the completed transformation will include a new 12 story, 700,000 square foot main hospital. Part of this new hospital will include but not be limited to a new emergency/trauma unit double the size of the current facilities. There will also be new "green space featuring parks and healing garden spaces for the patients."
The previous Ronald McDonald House once located directly across from the entrance to the hospital's outpatient surgery center unfortunately had to be torn down to accommodate the hospital's expansion. However, an even bigger, and even nicer facility has already been constructed and inhabited, now located across the street facing the hospital's current main entrance and emergency room entrance. Ronald McDonald House, "the house that love built" is part of Ronald McDonald House Charities. Among other things, RMHC provides residences such as the house by Columbus Children's where parents and family members of patients may live to stay close to their children. They provide a soothing, quiet, and comforting atmosphere to help their residents cope during difficult times. The home in Columbus features lounging areas, a rec room, play rooms, state of the art kitchen facilities, a library and reading rooms, and hotel like sleeping accommodations.
The hospital itself, dedicated to the best and highest quality care to it's patients, is also intent on great care of a patient's family. Whether the patient is a resident of the hospital, or only coming in for a visit in one of the many clinics, there is a fabulous play facility for siblings of the patients, to keep their minds on happier things where hospital volunteers read, play with, and occupy the little ones. The hospital also features a great cafetiria with very affordable prices, and several other food court and fast food eating locations. Also, if the parents of a patient require overnight accommodations, and these are not immediately available at the Ronald McDonald House, the hospital will put parents up inside the hospital itself to keep them with their children. Family is paramount at Nationwide Children's.
Nationwide Children's features one of the busiest emergency rooms in the business. Not only do they service one of Ohio's larger metropolitan areas, patients are care flighted in and transported in by mobile ICU from all over the state, the country, and in many cases the world. There is sometimes a wait due to the utmost in quality of care which every patient receives, however people should remember that there are two entrances to the ER, the walk in entrance, and the entrance from which the emergency vehicles unload their charges. Children brought in by mobile ICU and care flight are sadly often on the brink of death, and will receive immediate critical care from whatever medical personnel are needed.
In the ICU's and the various wards of Nationwide Children's patients will be monitored day in and day out round the clock by teams of some of the world's top doctors and nurses. Patients of all ages will not only be nurtured and cared for, but also be educated in ways that they can understand and will take away the fear factor about what is going on with them. The families too will be educated and kept constantly in the know so that no one may be left in the dark. Classes are even offered to parents along with support groups, to learn ways to cope their childrens' issues and to know how best to take care of their little patients when they go home.
The care and support that patients and families alike will receive at Nationwide Children's hospital is second to none.