Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Skincare Suggestions and Reviews

Working in the sometimes greasy restaurant business has made it necessary for me to aggressively fight acne, even still at the age of 28. The past year has been especially troubling, with the worst breakouts of my life, persistent and aggravating. This has lead me to try various acne treatment systems and here is what I have found.
The old faithful standby acne fighter is Clearasil vanishing cream. This product is available in white, or skin toned. I have used this product since my pre teen years and have always had decent results. It is probably the most affordable with the least time and effort involved. On the other hand it does tend to dry the skin sometimes to the point of causing itchy read flakiness. You also may not see very fast results with Clearasil. Always in the past when I have used this product it was for break outs that weren't too serious. Once I started having the worsening break outs, Clearasil no longer provided the results that I was looking for. (CLEARASIL ALTERNATIVE: Believe it or not, a dab of any white toothpaste is a suitable alternative to Clearasil! It works in basically the same way and amount of time, and can really help you out in a pinch. Plus, it smells nice and you get a lot more for less money. Just make sure to use a very small amount and rub it in well or your face will be weirdly sticky.)
Once I became interested in seeking more aggressive over the counter treatment, I pursued Proactive, the order through the mail, touted to be the best on the market and to work for everyone. The nice thing about Proactive is that when you are a first time customer, they send you the starter kit (toner, face wash, vanishing cream, and in some cases a green tea mask) for only $19.95. The not so nice thing is that somewhere in the fine print of the delivery slip they inform you they'll be automatically sending you the next batch next month unless you call and cancel and this time to the tune of about $60.00. I totally did not see that, and so they got away with charging me this what I felt was outrageous price, this time I didn't even get the green tea mask, and frankly, I wasn't happy AT ALL with the results. For one thing, as with most acne fighting systems, there's a lot involved in following through with the daily regime. In the case of Proactive, my face was left feeling slimey and unclean. Likewise, in addition to the yucky feeling, I didn't care for the smell either. I also saw absolutely NO results, let alone the overnight results that they claim... I stuck with it for quite awhile to give it a chance (after all I did get stuck with two month's worth) and still, nothing. As a matter of fact my teenaged brother and my teenaged step daughter who tried it BOTH claimed that not only did it not work, it actually worsened their skin conditions! I definitely DO NO recommend Proactive.
Next, I tried Avon's Clearskin Professional Acne Treatment system. Very similar in principal to Proactive. Instead of toner, you got face scrubs, and then you got a face wash and vanishing cream. The price is currently $34.00 and of course, you order it from an Avon consultant, or I believe you can order it direct from the Avon website. I did enjoy the way that this system made my skin feel very fresh and clean and saw some results within the first week. However, it pretty much leveled off after that and I wasn't too thrilled with it. Certainly not for the price. I would definitely recommend The Clearskin Professional package over Proactive any day of the week, however read on...
The product I have found to be far more convenient and certainly less expensive PROACTIVE AND CLEARSKIN PROFESSIONAL ALTERNATIVE is the Biore skin treatment system. This is a line available in just about any store where health and beauty products are sold, so you are spared the potential hassels of ordering online, through the mail, and through consultants. Biore of course offers a complete line with a very wide variety of products. The particular products I have used are as follows: Complexion clearing warming anti blackhead cleanser, triple action complexion clearing astringent, deep cleansing pore strips, and the blemish fighting ice cleanser. In the days before the worst break outs, I swore by Biore. I love their products. They're slightly higher than the other stuff you'll find at Wal-mart or CVS, but well worth it ESPECIALLY the pore strips. Even though Biore isn't the product I've finally settled on with the most premium results, I highly recommend them. Don't even bother with the expensive stuff, as long as you can get your hands on Biore.
Finally, I found a product which works, with almost no effort and practically over night even on my worst break outs. This what I consider miracle product is pHisoderm. The only pHisoderm that I have tried is the body wash, and I haven't needed anything else! I simply use it in the shower once a day on my face, shoulders, chest, and back and I saw results after one use. I LOVE this stuff. It smells great, and the price was very right. The one and only draw back is that even though the pHisoderm website says it's available at Rite Aid and Wal-mart, I haven't actually found it in stores. I order it from, which does make it higher because of shipping and handling. But has it set up so that if you spend a certain amount, you don't have to pay S & H and it's not hard to find things on there you want, they have everything under the sun.
I hope you find my journey down the acne medication highway useful and interesting!