Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Affliction Consortium Disclaimer

The Affliction Consortium is about to be unveiled.  Participants are submitting their work and stories.

That being said, I would like to get a little house keeping out of the way.

The articles will contain some cited facts about the various afflictions.  I have referenced my research sources, but I haven't necessarily used academic or literary sources, so nothing I state should be taken as medical advice.  Also, many things that I state will also be coming from my own opinions, or experience with the afflictions, or with the artists.  So, The Affliction Consortium is a place for healing, learning, understanding, and seeing things in a new way.  It is not a medical resource.

Last, and MOST IMPORTANT, you are about to be blessed with a feast for your senses of some of the most incredible art you will ever see.  THAT being said, IT BELONGS TO THE ARTISTS.  Though it can be shared, it is NOT FOR YOU TO SELL OR REPRODUCE!!!  Be respectful of these artists, their work, their stories, and their healing.  Don't steal their shit.  I mean it.  I will hunt you down.

And now...  The Affliction Consortium.