Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Affliction Consortium

The Affliction Consortium is a gathering of artists, making art to depict what it is like to suffer, in a universal way so that others may understand.

Artists of any medium (painting, writing, sculpting, jewelry making, ANYTHING) are invited to create art which tells about an illness or affliction that you suffer from, or has affected your life in some way.

Forward pictures of your work to me, and you will be featured on this blog, as well as promoted on my popular Facebook business page.  The blog posts will describe your art, contain information about you as an artist, academically cited information about the affliction you are depicting, and any personal information you wish to include about your experience with this affliction.  Art is a powerful way to make the world understand.

As contributors evolve, my goal for the project is to eventually create an online gallery exhibiting our collaborative effort.  This will garner attention for us individually as artists, afford us the opportunity to network and possibly become involved in other artistic endeavors, and do something important and positive in the world.

I would then like to offer the pieces for sale, or when desired, for donation to charities or medical centers.  Most of all, I would love to consider the possibility of doing a live gallery event of the pieces in a physical gallery somewhere!  The idea is that the project will generate a lot of attention online, later giving us our pick of galleries to exhibit our work.

I can be reached on this blog, at, or on Facebook.  I look forward to seeing your work and learning about your art and your affliction!