Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ultralean Green

I discovered a weight loss product called UltraLean Green Tea on the internet. Everywhere you turn online now, you are absolutely inundated with pictures of people's abdominal regions, some pretty, some flabby and stretch marked (you know, sorta like mine). So, on one of my weak days, I clicked on one of those "I lost 86 pounds in 2 days" ads and this is how I learned of this UltraLean. It comes in a thirty day supply of the little powder tubes that you pour in water. I must say, I noticed a change the same day that I first tried UltraLean. I had great energy without feeling at all wired or uncomfortable which is usually what happens. I wasn't hungry at all. I lost noticable weight within one week. The only draw back was that it tastes absolutely horrible. And I mean TERRIBLE. It is everything I can do to choke it down, and essentially, I decided I just couldn't do it.
Also, the wording on their ad was quite misleading. It was worded to make you feel that you were getting a free fourteen day supply. It took over six weeks to get the stuff. The NEXT DAY, I got this $80.00 charge to my account!!! I called them to inform them I didn't order anymore of this stuff, so why did they charge me? They said, well it was only free for fourteen days, and if you didn't call to cancel then you had to pay. Well, considering it took 6 WEEKS to get the stuff, how in the heck would I know if I liked it or not after 14 days? Plus, I'd have NEVER ordered it if I'd known I might have to pay $80 freaking dollars for crying out loud. There only offer for a resolution was to refund the money, then re-charge me $35, as long as I agreed to sign up to receive it at that "special discount ammount" each month. I was like sure, fine, whatever. Then I later called and canceled.
UltraLean does work, but it tastes absolutely awful, and their business practices are questionable. They charge WAY too much, but if you don't mind that and the hassle, then try it out.