Thursday, October 18, 2012

Abortion: A New Way of Seeing Things

I've always been pro choice, insomuch as I thought others should have the right to chose whether they would have an abortion or not.  However, I used to believe that I would never have an abortion for any reason.

Life experience has led me to believe differently.  I now believe there are situations where I would have an abortion.  While pregnant with my son, my OB kept urging me to undergo genetic testing for the baby.  Finally I asked him why.  He said, its important that we do it before 19 weeks so that we could end the pregnancy if something were wrong.  Perhaps this wasn't the best way for him to alliterate his point, since my automatic response was, oh that won't be necessary, I won't be ending the pregnancy no matter what may be wrong.

Then my son was born with life threatening congenital heart defect.

Let's be clear, I'm not about to say that if I had known that I would have aborted my son.  However, I spent 5 weeks by the bedside of my son who was struggling for his life, and a year getting him out of the woods.  I thought about a lot of things.  My son's problems were fixable (praise God.)  But some problems aren't.  I have since decided that if I ever came to know that I would give birth to a child who would never have any hope for a life other than having machines breathing for them, living in a vegetative state, or living life in excruciating pain day in and day out, I would end the pregnancy.  I've learned that its actually easier for a parent to say, "it doesn't matter what's wrong with my baby, I will love him anyway."  Of course you will, that's not in dispute.  However, can you love your child enough to prevent him from living a miserable life?  I'm not talking about ending a pregnancy over every single problem.  Most problems a baby can be born with, the child can still have ample opportunity to have a happy life.  But when it really, REALLY counts, parents should be allowed to make the best choice for their child before it's suffering even begins.  To give it peace...

Another thing to think about is that pregnancy can end up being a terrible, dangerous thing!  It sometimes kills mothers!  Sometimes it kills mothers and babies!  I think of my own two children, and the amazing life that I enjoy with them, and what their life would be like if I were to die...  It makes me think that if I were to become pregnant, and find out that having the baby would kill me, I would carefully consider aborting the pregnancy and not leaving my children motherless...

My point is, there are reasons for abortion.  Abortion is not a black and white matter.  People who propagate gruesome photos of aborted fetuses and radical baby killing slogans probably have no idea what it is like to watch a child that they gave birth to suffer tremendously.  After watching my own child, blue, unable to breathe for himself, with needles and tubes in and out of him, unable to eat, with an IV stuck into his head, I know that if I knew I were going to a baby who would never know any life OTHER THAN THAT SUFFERING, I would free it from those chains...

True enough, more often not, people chose abortion for the wrong reasons.  It would it be nice to end that.  However, the truth is, whether abortion is legal or not, people who would obtain abortions for frivolous reasons WILL STILL DO IT!  Then, we have a whole new set of problems because of the rise of criminal, back alley abortions.  Abortion is never going away.  Keeping it legal equals keeping it safe.

We as a people need to be careful who we support and elect.  We must not give away our essential ability to make important choices.  I urge you to NOT turn democracy into an American prison.