Friday, October 5, 2012

Compliment Craft

My kids and daycare kids and I did a super fun craft the other day that I wanted to share with you.  I got the idea for the idea from Highlights Magazine for children.  Highlights is an amazing resource for any parent, teacher, or childcare provider for games, crafts, and fun learning activities.  The craft I saw that I wanted to try the other day was really simple.  Give each child a square piece of yellow paper, and a square piece of green paper that is one half inch smaller.  With the yellow paper facing you as a diamond, fold the left and right corners in to the middle (as though making a paper airplane.)  Dab on a bit of glue to hold together the folded sides.  Do not glue shut the opening.  Repeat with the green paper, and then add another fold by folding the corners out and slip the yellow paper into the green.  Then you have a corncob.  The idea for the craft was to use the corncobs as Thanksgiving place cards with each attendant's name on it.  Then, while at Thanksgiving dinner, each guest writes down one think about each person they are thankful for it and puts it inside his or her corncob pouch!  Super cute activity.

So, its not quite Thanksgiving yet, so I decided to adapt this activity to suit the day.  We just used nice, seasonal scrapbook papers to make our pouches.  Then, we went around the table each sharing a compliment about each individual at the table.  I wrote down all the compliments and inserted them in the pouches for each child to keep.  They really enjoyed hearing one another share compliments, and they were in a fabulous mood for the duration of the day.  I also told them their pouches were something special they could keep and read anytime they needed a cheer up! 

This was a great, fun activity to do with my kids.  It can be adapted a million different ways, I hope you enjoy!

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