Tuesday, October 9, 2012

DRAMA MAMA'S: Pay the Babysitter

Today's blog posting is my response to repeatedly being ripped off.  I run three separate businesses out of my home, so this just comes with the territory, but I still get severely pissed. about it.  In particular, I am getting really REALLY sick of the drama mama's who hire me to provide child care for their children and then flat out STIFF me.  I hate to be stereotypical, but in 100% of the cases where a mother has done this to me, it is an extremely young, irresponsible, inconsiderate mother.  It seems like the very young mothers have not really grown up enough to place the same value on others as they do on themselves, and paying people what they owe is simply not a priority.

Typically, this happens because a mom "hires" me to be their child's babysitter, knowing that she only needs me once or twice while she make arrangements with her family and friends to keep her kids for free, but she doesn't bother to tell me that.  Instead, I make the arrangements to accommodate the child, such as purchasing a high chair, etc, stuff like that, and I prepare myself, my kids, and my home to develop a relationship with a new child.  Then, said mom brings kid once or twice and I never hear from her again, including not being paid for the days I did keep the child, not to mention items I purchased specifically for that child thinking they would be long term in my home.  I don't do that anymore.  I don't buy things for kids in advance anymore except for food, and its a shame I can't even be excited anymore about new kids because I never know if their mom is legit or not until they've been here for a while...

I'm going to tell you young ladies what, you've got a lot of nerve.  For one thing, I am not the sort of person who takes care of children without developing immediate love and attachment for them.  It is simply WRONG of you to make me think that I will be watching your child on a long term basis when in reality you are only USING me until you find "cheaper" arrangements.  If you want the sort of person who doesn't truly love your child to be taking care of them, well shame on you, but look elsewhere.

Additionally, maybe you girls think that when you drop your darlings off at a daycare that it is all "hills are alive with the sound of music" and everybody has a perfectly lovely time and all the children are always delightful little dears, and heck, this isn't really even a JOB so why should the babysitter even GET paid?  When in reality, its definitely more close to this:

In no way am I saying that I do not LIKE taking care of children, but that does not mean that it is not a JOB.  I deserve to be paid for doing my job so that YOU can go do YOUR job.

Maybe these girls think "eh, its only $15, she won't miss it."  Well, you're right it IS ONLY $15.  I charge $15 for a full day's work.  Part of that money pays for daily foods, beverages, and activities for that child, not to mention the roof that I put over your child's head.  The mothers are supposed to provide formula, baby food, and diapers, but wouldn't you know, its these same young mothers who NEVER FAIL to NOT bring enough baby supplies for their children, and so that comes out of my pocket as well.  $0 of my pay is for ME.  %100 of my pay is to operate the business. 

I guess they also totally miss the fact that I also have my own children.  No matter who the child is, when there is another child in my house, attention is taken from my own children.  The dynamic of their daily life changes and that is just a fact.  So, the thing that pisses me off over everything else is that these girls have the nerve to take MY attention away from MY kids and then not pay me.  Seriously, who do these girls think they are?  Where do they get off thinking that their own drama, their own lives, their own kids are more important than mine?  Gee, they don't make that much money?  Guess what, neither do I.  They have bills to pay?  Me too.  I am now officially immune to sob stories, seeing as how it appears I am now being stiffed for a week of daycare that I provided last week...  Its a shame that I have to be this way, but my pay upfront rule will now be iron clad for new clients.  If you don't have the money, don't bring your kid.  That will just save me the trouble of being attached to a child and then having the child never come back. 

PS, if by chance any of you little rips are reading this, I still live in the same place.  Feel free to pay me.