Sunday, October 28, 2012

Skyler Blue Johndreau: American Ghost Man

Skyler Blue Johndreau is an American Ghost Man.

Though he’s your average, every day guy, he comes from nowhere.  Atleast, according the the US government!  He’s an American citizen by birthright.  He was born in Mexico, to his parents who were both American citizens.  Seems pretty cut and dry.  When people have their babies abroad, they can still come home and have little citizen babies, as long as they’re citizens, right?  It would certainly be nice for Johndreau if that were the case for him.

However, Skyler’s life has been a mysterious stream of turmoil because of a unique turn of events at the time of his birth.  Skyler’s parents chose to have him born across the borders from their native California because they claimed there was better health care available there.  At the time (1988) they weren’t required to declare his birth when they reentered the states, and Mexico did not routinely issue birth certificates.  The hospital issued a certificate, but this, the only proof of Johndreau’s birth, was lost.  Because no Mexican or United States database contained any record of his birth, and his parents had no paper reference to his birth, for the purposes of the government, Mr. Johndreau does not exist…

 At first glance this might not seem like a very big deal.  But, Johndreau has been nearly deported by the United States government numerous time.  At one time, Johndreau actually attempted to fully cooperate and GET deported thinking perhaps his troubles would end somewhere else.  But he’s not a citizen in Mexico either.  Or anywhere.  There’s no place to deport him to…  So, in the end, he has always been allowed to stay…

Fortunately, Johndreau’s parents were able to obtain a social security card for him at one time.  He reports that they contacted a South Dakota Senator about it, and that is all he knows.  So, Johndreau has been able to acquire traditional employment and pay taxes.  Count on the United States government to take his tax dollars and then try to deport him, huh?  We’re not exactly talking about an illegal immigrant here, although that is apparently how he is treated.

Those of us born with US Citizenship don’t necessarily apply appropriate value to the concept.  Skyler Johndreau is the first person I have ever heard of who was born a legal citizen, without citizenship status.  He has spent his life and all his resources attempting to get somebody to help him.  Johndreau states, “I have tried contacting both country's Vital Records offices, to no avail. As I stated earlier, they have no records of me. I've talked to embassies, Department of Naturalization, Department of Immigration, every office I can think of in both countries, filled out every form asked of me, and always run into the same problem – they have no records of me and no idea of how to help me. I have found myself in quite a dilemma.” 

Johndreau strives to own his own business as a tattoo artist.  I have a special place in my heart for self-starters, especially of an artistic nature.  It is so hard to start your own business, even if all your documentation is in order.  It will be exponentially more difficult for Johndreau.  He’s pretty much “sunk” before he even starts due to his citizenship status and the related problems.  There’s really no reason on Earth this man should be experiencing all these barriers.

Skyler welcomes any advice he can get.  Please help him spread the word.  We need to spread spread spread, until the right ears hear of his plight.  You can contact Skyler here.