Sunday, November 18, 2012

FREE Ebooks by Amanda Gatton

Whispers and Screams is my collection of original art and poetry.  I have published this as an ebook, viewable in any ereading format or pdf.  This work is free for your enjoyment.  I would love to hear any feedback and to have you share it with your friends and family so they may download their free copies as well!  Whispers and Screams is available for download HERE.

Book teaser video for Whispers and Screams by Amanda Gatton!

Make a Wish and Blow is a children's book that I have also published as a free ebook for your enjoyment.  It is a lovely rhyming story about the circle of life.  Please download your free copy HERE.

Make a Wish and Blow by Amanda Dawn Gatton, book teaser video!