Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tries of Campbell Children's Center, Response to Scandal

It saddens my heart these last couple days that a charity that I support has come under some extraordinarily petty fire. Normally I just don't insert myself into someone else's business, however, in the case of a charity so badly in need, and considering how hard it is to get people to donate and give, I would be doing a disservice to these children if I did not present a new perspective.  Let me start at the beginning.

As some of my readers know, I am a professional psychic and Tarot reader.  I belong to a Facebook group for psychics with thousands of members.  Extremely useful and interesting group.  Sometimes in life opportunities to give charitably are placed in my path and they reach out to me and kind of smack me in the face and say, "HEY GIVE TO THESE GUYS THEY REALLY NEED IT!!!"  One evening, I was scrolling through the psychic group and a posting jumped out at me from a man who we will call "Jeff."  This posting encouraged others to donate to an orphanage in Uganda, stating that he himself was a frequent contributor but that he wasn't financially able and right now the kids are only being fed once a day due to lack of resources.  Mind you, this isn't typically the sort of post you would see in that particular group, nor did I personally know or have any prior contact or knowledge of that man.  However, this was one of those charities that I knew was meant for me to see.  I was absolutely compelled to donate and literally didn't want to go one more day without having given to these folks.

I fully understand that not everybody is willing to just fork over the cash just because they have a feeling they should.  That is enough for me, and I did donate immediately, but before actually encouraging others to give, I did thorough research on the place, and the man who runs the orphanage, Kenneth Kalule, contacted me as soon as he received my gift as well with a detailed list of exactly what he purchased.  And I conducted a psychic reading on him just to make sure that it was truly safe and responsible of me to encourage others to give.  Additionally, Kenneth provided me with ample proof of the Tries orphanage, though I didn't ask for it.  Kenneth seems to understand that its just the right thing to do to prove his legitimacy so that others may feel comfortable in giving.  One very valuable source available for you to further explore the Tries of Campbell Children Center is their website here.  They also have a Facebook fanpage here.  Additionally, Kenneth invites anybody to friend him from his personal profile, which you can find here.

Kenneth has been blessed with a friend in Uganda who loans him one laptop to work on online networking in his effort to keep the necessities flowing to the children.  Currently, the orphanage houses 46 children, Kenneth, and six mothers.  They are trying to raise $5500 for the purchase of land and a new structure to house the children.  He also uses the Internet to share the word of God and the blessings they are provided with.  Kenneth has built an amazing tool for showing us exactly what he is about, and what is going on with our children in Uganda.  Also, this is not a person who just took my donation, said thank you and forgot about me.  I have a relationship now with this man, and with these children.  He has shared pictures with me of others who have visited there, and invites me often to come and be with the children.  He knows my whole family now as well.  He tells me about other gifts they receive and how they are applied as well as his hopes and dreams for the future of these children.  Please note, Tries also lovingly accepts care packages, clothing, etc., it certainly does not have to be money.  Again, I encourage you to visit their website or contact Kenneth directly for a list of their needs, if you prefer to donate items rather than money.  Because of my psychic ability and the way that my charitable nature works, I believed in Tries before I ever even meant Kenneth.  However, for the practical nature, Kenneth has provided indisputable evidence of the genuine nature of this organization and the urgent needs of these kids.

So, on with my story.  After making my initial donation, the original person "Jeff" who directed me to this orphanage, friended me on Facebook, I think to tell me thank you for stepping up to the plate, and I had it set up where you could not message me if you weren't a friend.  After I researched Tries further and started encouraging people publicly to donate, my mom made a Facebook comment just asking me if I had checked the legitimacy of Tries.  "Jeff" chimed in with a link to everything you should know about him.  I thought this odd since, he's not actually affiliated with Tries, why would he provide information about himself when a person asked a question about Tries?  At that point I started to have a bit of a weird feeling about him.  Then, after I got to know Kenneth and what a truly beautiful heart he has and life he is leading, I sent a message to "Jeff" revealing my interest in organizing a Facebook Giveaway and try to raise the money Tries needs for their land one dollar at a time.  I thought he'd be a good person to approach for help since he was the one who initially put out the call to action to help these guys anyway.

He basically poo-pooed my idea about online fund raising claiming he doesn't usually have much success with it.  He then launched into a huge starry eyed scenario about raising a huge chunk of change to make a film and then use proceeds from the film to actually GO TO Uganda and build the new orphanage for these guys and asked me to help with THAT project instead of a Facebook giveaway.  We agreed to a telephone meeting later that same evening.  In all honesty, though I see the point of the film project, and believe "Jeff's" heart may have been somewhat in the right place, I had no intention of contributing financially to anything that didn't go directly to the orphanage.  My only reason for accepting a phone meeting was so that I could explain why Facebook giveaways work and try to get him on board, and that I was willing to help his project too, but only if immediate funds were going straight to Tries, not to "Jeff." 

But, he didn't call.

At 8 pm I was waiting for his call.  At 9 pm I gave up, but happened to check my Facebook.  He had left a message asking if I still wanted him to call.  (Uh, well duh!)  So I was polite said sure, he then said, OK, I'm cooking dinner, I'll call in a minute. 

Never heard from the guy.  Waited up til 11 pm and then finally went to bed.  I pretty much wrote "Jeff" off at that point.  I kept him as a friend on Facebook though and would occasionally see postings from him that would contradict absolutely everything he had said to me.  I do still have these emails as well for anybody interested.  But that's really not the point.

Yesterday, "Jeff" resurfaced by suddenly posting on my timeline that Kenneth Kalule and Tries of Campbell is a fraud.  I was a bit shocked, but my faith in Tries didn't waver for a second, I was actually wondering if this guy had clocked off the deep end.  I kept my mouth shut, didn't respond.  Then, I initiated my Facebook stalking abilities and acquired all the background that I could.

Here is the long story, shortened.  This man is no longer interested in helping Tries.  It has been confirmed by people very close to him that he has been collecting donations from individuals claiming they are for Tries but not ever turning them over to Tries.  Here is what I believe is going on.  I do think that "Jeff" thinks he has the ability to "change the world" with the making of some life altering film and that if it were successful like he believes, he probably would pony up for Tries and provide them with whatever they could need or want.  So in his mind, telling people they're donating to Tries when really they are helping him finance some non existent film project is OK because he thinks he'll be giving hugely to Tries later in the future.  But, he has illusions of grandeur.  He seems to only want to raise funds for them in a way that will also further his career and maximize his recognition.  He seems to have totally lost sight of the spirit of giving.  This isn't really a way to raise $5500 for a charity that makes sense to any sane person.  Its not necessary to make a WORLD CHANGING film just to come up with $5500 for charity...  Needless to say, Kenneth eventually had enough of "Jeff" collecting donations on the behalf of Tries without Tries ever seeing any benefit and politely called him out on it and asked him to stop.  "Jeff" is irate.  That's all there is to it.  He is slandering Kenneth in every place he can think of, claiming Tries is a fraud.  Kenneth has responded by leaving any posts "Jeff" has made visible to the public and responding to them calmly and rationally.  "Jeff" has left a long string of contradictory postings and failed to provide even the slightest shred of proof ANYWHERE to validate his claims, when Kenneth sits on a mountain of proof of the work that he does to be a light in this world. 

Far be it from me to speak negatively of anyone on the Internet, and I am not accusing "Jeff" of anything criminal or dishonest, I do think that there was an intention SOMEWHERE in him to give SOME money to Tries SOMETIME in the unforeseeable future...  But his heart isn't in the right place, and now he is punishing 46 children and 7 adult volunteers along with the countless people such as myself who love and support this place, over his own confusion.  I encourage "Jeff" to slow down and reevaluate his motives and to please retract his statements about Tries before he does too much more damage to my Tries babies.  I have come to feel these children are my own, and it doesn't take much to make me fighting mad over my children.

Please click here to learn more about how to contribute to Tries, or visit their website!  Thank you, love and blessings!