Friday, April 26, 2013

Happiness is a choice.  You may not always see it that way, but these words are truth.  Even when life's circumstances seem to be robbing you of your bliss, you can still choose to be governed by positivity.  If it seems nothing is going your way, visualize and manifest the change that will make things shift into a more desirable direction.  Even if you are afflicted with a mental disorder that robs you of your bliss, you can still choose joy by mentally banishing sorrow.

Today I will share with you a simple meditation that anyone can do anytime.  It is even great to do with children at bedtime to relax them and set them up for good dreams and a restful night's sleep.  You can do this meditation by starting out with a mind clearing mediation ritual, or at any time; as you lay in bed, at your desk at work, in line at Walmart.

I use this meditation at times when I feel myself being wound up by negative energy.  Those times when I begin to harp and dwell on the problems that are assaulting me, causing things to get worse and worse.  I will take deep breaths and picture a sunny day, in a meadow with tall swaying grass.  I visualize the blue sky, the lush white clouds, a warm breeze on my face.  Once I really get the feel for this beautiful warm day, I visualize myself being a dandelion with white, fluffy seeds.  I imagine my body being a stem, my arms being delicate leaves dancing in the breeze.  Once I am feeling really relaxed, I begin to visualize my fluffy seeds being released into the wind, one at a time and I imagine watching them disappear into the sky.  These seeds are each a worry.  Using this meditation, you can let go of your worries without dwelling one by one on the nature of that worry.  It puts into perspective the nature of your trouble in relationship to your happiness and your peace.

Have a beautiful day!