Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Happy Beltane!

Namaste, and happy Beltane to you!  Beltane is my most anticipated and delightful day of the year!  If you don't know, Beltane is May 1st, the day that lies halfway between the spring and summer equinox.  This day is thought to be the beginning of the Earth's fertile season and the time of the year when a heart has best potential to manifest it's desire.  With this sense of possibility is also a sense of fertility of the flesh and a wonderful time to conceive! 

Some people actually honor and celebrate this particular time of year with ceremonies and rituals.  Some even work magic on this day, and sometimes the day before, as it is believed that the veil between the realms of reality and magic is thinnest on this day (and on Halloween.)  At this point magic is strongest which is why desires can be so easily manifested!

There are many ways to celebrate Beltane.  One tradition is a maypole.   A maypole can be a real party, and there are a variety of ways they are and were used in celebration and several schools of thought as to what they represent.  The maypole is a large pole erected, decorated with whatever you like (ribbons, flowers, etc.) and people sing and dance around it having a generally festive and happy time.  I absolutely know my neighbors would find me nuts if I made an actual maypole in my yard, so instead I made a tiny replica of a maypole and what is known as a "fairy door" both of which I erected in my garden.  This is a symbolic portal to invite magic into my garden, and give it a place to be joyful and dance when it arrives!  My fairy door and maypole were very simply made using yarn, tree limbs, and Popsicle sticks!

Another tradition for Beltane are bonfires, or other celebrations involving fire.  Beltane is a time related to the element of fire.  The element of fire is said to be helpful in the matters of the heart and fertility.  I don't belong to a coven as I am a solitary witch.  I also don't plan on a ceremonial bon fire since I live in the middle of a city and would almost certainly go to jail!  But I will honor fire in my garden tomorrow by lighting torches for the day! 

Yet another tradition I am choosing to honor tomorrow is to pick a basket of wild flowers and gift it to someone in need of healing.  I will also be including a charmed amulet that I made for healing with my basket!

 I will be working two focuses with magic tomorrow.  I have been doing a Crown of Success Spell each evening since the full moon.  I make my own spells and I do keep them private since I will some day pass them on to my own children, but those cats at Lucky Mojo Curio Co. have an incredible kit you can order for a Crown of Success Spell!  The intention of this spell is to achieve success through performance.

I also made this little mojo bag to go with this spell, but also to keep with me once the spell is finished.  This is a crown of success mojo bag, containing a special blend of herbs for luck!

I can't wait for tomorrow.  I will throw open every window in the house to lovingly invite and welcome spring, basking in the smells, relishing the breeze on my face.  I will walk barefoot and let my feet touch the Earth.  I will adorn myself with symbols that are important to me!  I will wear flowers in my hair and call on the magic!  I hope your day is wonderful as well!  Merry meet ye witches!