Sunday, April 7, 2013

Made with Care Custom Furniture

Dave Burroughs is a builder and craftsman of fine, upscale custom furnishings, Made With Care Custom Furniture.  Dave is capable of crafting incredibly unique, gorgeous, and durable furnishings for your home, office, and business.  Not only are his pieces beautiful to look at, they are crafted from the ground up with meticulous care, and pain staking love. 

Dave has years of woodworking experience and a creative mind for one of a kind pieces.  He can take your vague idea and turn it into a stunning reality.  Dave's pieces are so durable, a hurricane could blow away your whole house and only furniture built by Dave would be left standing...  He also has a professional staining and sealing process, bringing his furnishings' ability to withstand wear and tear over and above anything you will find elsewhere.

The thing that I think truly sets Dave's creations apart is his attention to detail.  Dave adds beautiful touches to his pieces and these are what will show you all the sentiment and love that goes into a Made With Care piece.

Along with durability and unique and classy embellishments, Dave creates functional pieces.  Not only will Dave's furnishing lend class and sophistication to any decor, his pieces are highly useable.  A piece of Dave's furnishings will quickly become the most useful piece of furniture in your home or office!
Though Dave's pieces are certainly tasteful and elegant, it can't be denied that Dave also has a penchant for the fun and the free spirited!  One of Dave's trademark items are step stools for kids.  Built with slip resistance (safe for little clumsy feet) and a carrying handle (great for tiny hands) Dave's little stools are perfect heirlooms to start with your own children and pass on and on throughout the family.  Dave made a stool for my daughter and to her delight, delivered it to her, informing her that she now had a way to reach cookies on the counter!

Whether its a carrier for a motorcycle, a book shelf, and end table, an entertainment shelf, or just whatever your heart may desire, Dave Burroughs is your maker!  Visit Dave's website to see a huge variety of items he has crafted!  You may also contact Dave via email to discuss your needs!