Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mommy! I Peed! - Child Lead Potty Training

I am absolutely thrilled about the turn of events in potty training my 2 1/2 year old daughter this week and wanted to share what has finally worked with this hard headed little girl.

My daughter, Shiny has demonstrated hints of being developmentally ahead of the game since the word go.  She did everything early.  She was only about six or seven mos old when she said her first words, which were a sentence.  And everything else followed smoothly behind.

So I was a little disturbed about her lack of interest in potty training.  She peed on the potty the first time I put her on it when she was probably about 19 mos, and then after that wouldn't have a thing to do with it.  She reached the age that my son completed potty training without a hitch, and still turned her nose up at the whole experience.

Then I got a daycare parent in my in home daycare who was strictly parent lead potty training.  Her child was the same age as Shiny and already well into the process by age 2 and had been doing it for months and months.  That parent suggested numerous times that the reason her child wasn't becoming fully potty trained was because Shiny was still in diapers and pressured me to start aggressively training Shiny.  However, I just can't get my mind around pressuring a child to do what nature will eventually lead them to do if we are only patient with them.

I have tried everything I can think of with this kid to get her into the idea of potty training.  Bought her a special potty that cheers for her.  Make a big deal out of teaching her to turn on and off the bathroom light and washing her hands.  Take her to potty when I go.  Move the potty from room to room, even trying placing it in front of the TV!  Sticker rewards, puzzle piece rewards.  Letting her diaper remain on her until it was uncomfortable wet and inform her she needed to change it herself if she wanted a new diaper.

Here is what finally worked.  At Christmas, I was given an iPad.  I let my kids play games on it.  Shiny got really into the iPad.  Finally, last week, I decided to be firm and informed her that she will no longer get to play with the iPad unless she pees on the potty.  And then once she earns the iPad, if she pees in her diaper or pull up again, it gets put away again until she goes on the potty again.  And then I let it be.  For two days, she stubbornly just refused to play the iPad.  She asked for it a trillion times, and then just gave me a little snit when I wouldn't give it to her. 

Then, finally...  She deeply sighed, stalked to the bathroom, took off her own diaper and plopped down on the potty and went.  Then she emptied it herself, wiped herself, flushed the big potty and washed her hands.  She asked for panties, and has basically worn them ever since...

In the past four days, Shiny has worn panties pretty much the whole time except sleeping and the random times she asked for a pull up instead.  When she starts to tinkle, she stops herself and runs for the potty.  While we were at her grandma's house Saturday, only ONE DAY into potty training, she asked to use the potty even though she had a pull up on.  She has now gone to the store in panties, played outside in panties, taken a nap in panties, and only had one accident.  Even in the middle of a temper tantrum, she went to the potty.  Then last night, only 4 days in, she got up out of bed and went to the potty...

I know some people are skeptical about young kids and electronics, but I suggest you do it together and use it as a bonding and learning experience.  Largely due to the iPad, at 2 1/2 Shiny can read all the letters both upper and lower case and she now knows some sight words.  So there are other benefits to it besides just a potty training tool.

End result, potty training full of pride with absolutely no tears.  Because I chose to stick to child lead potty training, instead of a year and a half of frustration and head ache, it looks like I will go through one week of delighted giggles and "having a look" at pee in the Minnie Potty.