Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tara/Medium, Fortune Teller or Fraud?

Beware, those of you considering shelling out money to this person known as "Tara/medium."

If you have already requested a free reading from "Tara," you have undoubtably already received numerous cleverly worded automated emails making you feel you are having personalized communications with this "psychic."  You may have already received the "reading" which from what I understand is fairly convincing and when reading it you may not have noticed how it is mainly applicable to anybody and you may believe this reading was made specifically for you..

She may already have let you know you have a dark entity attached to you and that terrible things are going to begin happening to you and that only Tara can help you...  IF you become her "client."  ie, you give her money whenever she asks for it.

*sigh*  Hopefully you are laughing your head off as you hit the DELETE DELETE DELETE, and not falling for this utter nonsense, folks.  Unfortunately, you may have been drawn in, as many people apparently have.

From all appearances with a simple Google search of this "Tara/medium" you can find literally thousands of complaints about her and people whom she's bilked for tons of cash.  I'm not sure why this person is getting away with this, but I think it is high time that a reputable blogger speaks out about it and hopefully people will stop falling for it.

While reading through the complaints, shaking my head and feeling sadness in my heart for the vulnerable souls she took advantage of, one thing I read that some people said is that genuine psychics won't take money for a reading.  I have to disagree there.  It takes a lot of time and energy for a genuine psychic to do a reading, just like any job.  And you would not BELIEVE the nonsense that people approach psychic's with.  Seriously, 90% of what people take to a psychic is a drain on the psychic's energy and time, so it's not wrong for them to collect a fee.

However, here are some of this woman's practices that are not only unethical, but also expose her as a fraud to other psychic's.  For one thing, a genuine psychic reading cannot be automated.  Period.  You can't give a reading with a form letter.  So, try and be wise when you receive a reading, if it's obviously a form letter,


Additionally, people RARELY have any sort of malevolent energy associated with them that needs any sort of drastic action or intervention, and many times, if they did, the psychic wouldn't be able to DO anything for them.  And if the psychic does have the ability to help, for instance if that psychic is also a healer, or a witch, or into Reiki, and that psychic has genuinely sensed something nasty associated with a querient, that psychic will help the person without charging them.  Period.  Genuine psychic's know that they have a gift and particularly when their gift is their profession, they acknowledge and understand times when the universe is calling upon them to help for reasons other than money.  When you add witchcraft into the equation, a white witch will also help you in those extreme cases if she is able because she knows what is expected of her in return for her blessings and she knows that to hold a person in true danger over a barrel by witholding help without pay will be a mistake she will pay for...  AND if that witch doesn't CARE about Karma, well, then she's not a white witch.  Just another reason for you to beware. Bottom line, the negative energies which sometimes attack us all, are rarely dangerous, and nothing you can't rid yourself of relatively easily without paying anybody...

Additionally, this Tara/medium person ripped off my sister, who was unfortunately drawn in by her.  I approached "Tara" myself explaining that I would be happy to interview her on my popular blog so that she could clear the air about all these complaints against her and better explain her methods if she would kindly agree to refund my sister's money.

And guess what?  I don't have my wallet out, so I guess she's hiding...

Come out come out, wherever you are!!!