Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Not a Christian

It has come to my attention that there is some discord going on behind my back regarding my faith and religious affiliation.  This came as a gut turning shock to me, seeing as how, absolutely nothing about me has changed.  So allow me to clear the air.

I believe in God.

I am not a Christian.

These are two things about me that I had assumed were extremely obvious.  However, in a painful way, I was reminded that Christians, even some who I love deeply don't think those two statements can correlate in a way that people of that mindset end up in Heaven.  People who believe that way are typically cast off by Christians in much the same way as the murders, the molesters...  The gays, and the democrats.   It is pitiful and sad to me how many people honestly think you can't have a faithful life without subscribing to organized religion.  And ironically, this is the very thing that drives SO MANY people AWAY from Christianity.

I believe in God.

My perception of God is not what you find in the bible.  My god does not test a person's love by harming them, or those around them.  My god doesn't claim to be perfect, or for that matter, to care about everybody.  Some people don't deserve to be cared about, my god recognizes this and that is why karma exists.  My god does not have a set of rules that I must follow before I can belong to a special club that he is the head of.  Rather, my god loves those of us who have wonderful hearts.  Who are kind to the children, the old, the sick, and the downtrodden.  Those of us who do not judge people simply because they think differently.  Those of us who have enough sense to know that you can't "pray gay away" and that nobody is inferior or supposed to be a slave.  Those of us who do unto others the way we'd have them do unto us.  (OK, so that one came from the bible.  It does say SOME good stuff.)

Speaking of the bible, great book.  To be true.  Lots of awesome, epic stories in there, and many many dignified words of wisdom.  And hate.  And judgement.  And fiction.  I don't downplay the value of some parts of the bible and live my life EVERY DAY with many biblical ethics.  However, I do proudly refute and discard all hate mongering nonsense from the bible.  Just like most Christians, I pick and choose what I want to "use" out of the bible.  However, since you're actually not SUPPOSED to do that, I do not call myself a Christian.

Also, I love gays, and women, and all those scum bags that the bible says are going to hell.  So, I can't be a Christian.  But I am a believer.  Because the bible is silly.  It's really jacked up the concept of what god really is, which is sad.  Christians have really jacked up what faith should be, and that's sad.  That is why I'm not a Christian.  If my very best friends will engage in conversations behind my back about me NOT being a Christian, then my exact reason for not wanting to subscribe to organized religion has once again been illustrated.  I may never set foot in a church again, honestly.  And it's fine with me.  It should really be fine with you too, if you know me.  Because if you know me, you know that I'm sweet, I'm genuine, loving, wonderful with children, a teacher, a partner, a true friend, intelligent, funny, generous, and charitable.  I pray, everyday.  When I tell people I will pray for them, I am very sincere and I do.  I do things for others that you will NEVER understand, and it gives me utmost joy.  The fact that you won't be seeing me sitting in church on Sunday should not wash away every other thing about me that you know to be true.

And if it does, I understand.  But you should understand, THAT is why, I am not a Christian.