Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Thankful That They Pray

What is a prayer to you?  Is the only prayer that is meaningful from the reverent lips of a Christian?  Will only prayers spoken to the God of The Bible be answered?  Or do prayers from faithful hearts everywhere, and everyday get heard?

I am not a Christian.  I don't believe in god in the biblical sense.  It saddens me that in this day and age, that people are still considering the bible the end all and be all of religious truth.  Are people who defame others for not subscribing to organized religion, who think that non christians are unloving, unwelcoming, or unkind people, really so uneducated with regard to the actual content of the bible that they think the bible speaks of nothing but love and kindness?  There is so much hate.  Such an ugly picture of god painted by the bible.  It boggles my mind why anybody would WANT to believe in a vengeful, hateful, angry god?  Why anyone would WANT to "worship" a lord who will cast his "loved ones" into hell for asking questions.  Who would harm a person's children, or fail to prevent harm, in order to test faith.  And do this because they think they have to...

I believe that god is truth, light, forces of nature, and magic.  This supreme energy in the universe is full of magic, there for the taking.  We may do good, we may do bad.  The choice is ours and the consequences are ours.  If we do wrong, we don't make up for it by going forward in a church, we make up for it by becoming a better person.  If we do bad, we don't get cast into hell, we simply return again to this Earth for another chance to get it right before we can move onto a higher plane.

god is for no reason, a gentle sweet feeling of bliss
god is a beautiful marriage's first tender kiss
god is the wind whispering in the trees
god is the honey touched flight of the bumble bees
god is a feeling of magic in the air
god is the spirit inside that causes us to care
god is pure, simple, free of hate
god is always present and never late
god is universal regardless of school of thought
god is all around believer or not
god is tremendously greater than a convoluted book
god is in EVERY hand, EVERY heart, EVERY cranny, EVERY nook
god is the net, just before the fall
god is in our hearts or is not at all

And what is the magic?  Magic is the miracles we see every day.  And what is a prayer?  A prayer is a wish sent out into the universe.  A hope for a miracle.  Sometimes they are answered, sometimes it seems like they're not because the universe decided it wasn't in our best interest or simply, not what we deserved.  

I pray all the time.  When I tell a person that I will pray for them, I mean it.  I don't pray to a character in a book.  I pray to a spirit in the trees.  In the Earth.  In my children's eyes.  If I ask you to pray for me, I hope you're sincere when you say you will...  Even if I'm not a Christian...

Christians shouldn't consider themselves the patent holders on prayer.  We can all pray, we can all wish.  Even the most died in the wool atheists can send a wish out into the universe with sincere hope that a miracle will transpire.  Let us not judge that a person isn't praying in a church.  Let us just be thankful that they pray.