Monday, November 18, 2013

In and Out Movers, Washington Court House, Ohio

This is a review provided for the service provided to me recently by Washington Court House, Ohio moving company, In and Out Movers. 

We had an unfortunate incident in a home we rented where we had to move out in a hurry.  We quickly packed all our belongings and moved them into storage units.  We then had to live with family for 10 weeks without a home of our own.  When we finally got the opportunity to return to a home that we own, we just wanted to get it done in a hurry and we hired In and Out Movers.

We also had a special situation with a tenant in our home who was supposed to be vacating, but we weren't sure if he was going to get out when he was supposed to or not.  This made it difficult to be able to make any concrete plans for moving.

However, In and Out Movers talked over our situation with us and was willing to do our move for us with little or no notice.  They basically put themselves "on call" for us.  Additionally, they had knowledge and experience in the department of vacating tenants, and agreed to put the tenant out for us, as long as they had permission from the police to do so.  Therefore, they would've put themselves in a bad position instead of making us do it. 

Because of the poor packing we'd done, I expected for a lot to get broken.  I felt that no matter how careful they might be, they just wouldn't be able to help it.  However, NOTHING was broken.  I was absolutely stunned when I unpacked to find everything in tact.

These guys did exactly what they told me they would.  They also gave me a very fair price.  They worked their butts off.  They took zero breaks, even for food or drink that I offered them!  They were on time, and they moved two completely packed storage units completely into our home in about five hours.  Not only that, they were exceptionally courteous.  In my opinion, they treated our belongings and home as if it were their own things!

I would absolutely recommend this moving company to anybody!  Sometimes people automatically say they can't afford movers, but for what this company charged us, it would've been no cheaper to rent a truck or go back and forth with our own truck plus they did in five hours what it more than likely would've taken us two weeks to do.

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