Monday, November 18, 2013

Shane Burris, Loan Officer

This is a personal review of the service provided by Shane Burris, a loan officer from The American Eagle Mortgage Company.

My husband and I went through application processes for a mortgage from several lending institutions.  We weren't having difficulty getting approval, but we were having difficulties with the Ohio MCC tax credit, provided by OHFA.  This is a tax credit that many people qualify for in helping pay up front costs when purchasing a home, particularly in the area where we live.  We kept getting this run around from the lenders saying we couldn't have our credit though we knew we were entitled to it!

Shane was recomended to us and we were told he was experienced with the MCC and he would not give us a run around.  This was absolutely the case.  Shane is extremely knowledgable and honest.  He will get you any help you qualify for without the run around and hassle.

Additionally, we found the entire loan application and approval process ENTIRELY simplified with Shane.  He's very clear about what he needs, and extremely prompt in processing requests as well as responding to questions and concerns.  Shane makes himself very available to the people he's trying to help.

Shane's office is located in Grove City, Ohio.  You can find more about him HERE, including filling out your online loan app.

Happy house hunting!