Thursday, November 14, 2013

Tonya Brown, Real Estate Agent

Tonya Brown is a real estate agent with Coldwell Banker, King Thompson.  When my husband and I decided to look for a new home back in July, we started with Zillow.  We didn't know much about the process or particularly what we wanted.  But on Zillow, when you see a listing that interests you, you can request more information and agents are suggested to request that info from.  That is how I first came in contact with Tonya.

Tonya's offices are located in Grove City, Ohio which is about 40 minutes from where I live and was looking, in Washington Court House, Ohio.  But she was happy to help me.  She contacted me almost immediately and was enthusiastic about helping us through the prospect.

Having now gone through the process of searching for a new home to buy, I can't imagine doing this without the assistance of a real estate agent, even if you don't have one to sell.  More specifically, I would not do it again unless it was with Tonya's help.  She is extremely knowledgeable.  She can help guide you in obtaining financing if you don't know how to do that or you are welcomed to contact your own lenders.  She organizes and streamlines appointments to look at houses so you can check into several at once and there aren't a million trips here there and everywhere.  She will go to great lengths searching for listings herself in addition to the ones that you find yourself!  She has a REALLY good eye for what will work for her clients.

Additionally, Tonya is very knowledgable about various kinds of financing.  Loan types differ and in some cases the house needs to be in a very specific kind of condition before it will pass inspection for the loan to be approved and Tonya is great at spotting problems that will probably prevent the loan.  This is important because it is such a huge time saver and spares you a lot of heart ache and disappointment in the long run.  My mom had purchased a new house about six months before we started looking and she had numerous huge let downs because they put homes into contract that didn't meet the criteria of the loan, went all the way through the lengthy process and then got denied.  When I told my mom about how Tonya was helping us, her response was, "Wow, I wish my realtor would've done that."

Tonya made herself incredibly available to us.  She nearly always answered our calls and if she didn't answer, our calls were returned within fifteen minutes! 

Perhaps most importantly, when it came time to negotiate contracts, Tonya did all of that for us.  I can imagine attempting to do that without her may have been kind of like facing a firing squad.  Tonya puts herself in front of the firing squad on her clients' behalf.

I really can't say enough about Tonya Brown and her services.  I will absolutely never attempt to purchase or sell a home without her again!

If you have any questions for Tonya, you can contact her here.