Saturday, December 28, 2013

DIY Conjure Cards

Conjure cards are something I first heard of on Pinterest.  I don't know a lot about what conjure cards originated as or for.  I believe they are a type of reading deck like Tarot or Oracle cards, for divination readings.  However, the conjure cards I saw on Pinterest were not necessarily used to conjure a reading, rather used to help the user manifest their needs or desires.  I loved the concept and I decided to make my own for a Christmas gift.  Now, I am sharing the instructions, and the images I created for you to make your owns.  You are more than welcome to use my graphics, and if you use them to make sets for sale, I'd love it if you'd credit me :0)

So here's the concept.  Each card in the deck states something that we all need, but some days we may feel we need an extra boost.  On the back of the cards, there are suggested reasons one might use the card.  Anyway, a cloth is included in the conjure pack, and let's say for instance you have to take a trip somewhere today.  So, when you're preparing for your day, while meditating or praying on your trip, you might take out your "Protection" card to conjure safe travel.  You'd then wrap it in it's cloth, and carry it with you for the day (in your pocket, purse, glove box, etc.) 

Each deck includes a card briefly explaining the use of conjure cards, and urging the owner of the deck to share the cards when they see a friend or loved one in need.

Each deck needs it's safe place to dwell.  I suggest for both the bag, and the cloth inside, you simply select or make something out of natural fibers and items.  I crocheted the bag pictured.  I attached pretty beads to my bag.  They are not natural, however they had sentimental value to the person I was gifting the conjure cards too, so I felt they would intensify the magic.

Instructions for assembling your deck are simple if you care to use the template I'm providing you here!  Again, I created each of these graphics and I give you permission to use them however you please, so no worries about copyright infringement!  Below I have included two images, the fronts and the backs of the cards.  I used Picmonkey to make these images, so if you'd care to add to the collection they made it easy!  Save the fronts and the backs as jpeg images to your computer, and then tell the computer to print them as a full page.  Then you should be able to place the sheets back to back, laminate, then cut them and you will have your deck!  I didn't actually use any sort of laminator. I found these awesome adhesive lamination sheets at Walmart.  Very cool, I expect these to hold up for a very long time.

I hope you love your conjure cards and find lots of use for them!  Namaste.

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Conjure Cards Front

Conjure Cards Back