Monday, December 2, 2013

Pallet Project Ideas and DIY

Shipping pallets have become the DIY and repurposing craze thanks to bloggers like me and Pinterest!  Here is a post for you showing you some of the cool ways I've been able to use shipping pallets in my DIY love.

Of course, there is the famous pallet wall.  I first saw a pallet wall on Pinterest, and decided I had to have one!  My husband and I constructed a small room in our house for an art studio using a total of eight pallets which we were able to find for free.  We screwed them together and added hinges for extra support and a decorative element.  We screwed them to the wall, the ceiling, and the floor.  Our pallet wall was up for about a year, and even in a busy daycare (our home) it held up amazingly.  It was very stable and when we were ready to take it down, it came down easily and the damage caused by the holes was minimal and easy to repair. 

From there, the pallet wall got repurposed again and became a toy chest.  (Yes, I know my art work on the chest was a fail.  It was supposed to be a dandelion releasing it's seeds and wound up looking like a turkey butt.  Ya win some ya lose some.)  This thing was super easy to make.  It only took two pallets, and one half of a pallet was left over afterward.  We even used the same hinges we'd used in the wall to make a lid.  It is very heavy and durable, which is great with a bunch of kids climbing all over it and doubling as a bench.

When springtime rolled around, I had another use for some of our left over pallets in mind.  Three pallets became the pallet garden.  

I loved our pallet garden this past summer.  It brought endless fun to me and my kids!  Click the pallet garden for a detailed how to on the pallet garden.

With the left over one half pallet, I got the idea to make some garden art and our "Shine" sign was born after my kids and I enjoyed painting on it together!
Again, such a fun and easy project with no limit to the ideas!  This was pretty heavy, so it may be a little hard to hang.  We used ours to prop behind our garden.

Then, we used some more pallet bits and pieces to make more garden art!  Very simple saw, hammer, nail projects.  Apply a little paint, and voila!  For the hanging front door sign, I used some wire I had on hand for beading to make the hanger.

Hope you enjoy my pallet ideas, and feel free to share photos in the comments of your own fun pallet creations!