Sunday, May 18, 2014

Open Letter to Derek Myers, Owner of The Fayette Advocate Blog

Dear Derek Myers:

On my birthday, I woke to find a friend of mine who was a supporter of yours had posted on Facebook that you had actually written an article posting his picture, along with about 800 others (including my aunt, two cousins, a couple that I am friends with, children I know, and MANY more) and labeled the photos "The Faces of Bullying."  Since then, I have watched you backtrack, back peddle, and now flounder, desperately trying to regain your readers that left you in droves over this atrocity.

Let me be clear, I can read a long winded stream of big words strung together poorly in 1 minute 22 seconds, so yes, I read the whole thing.

Let me tell you, young man, what bullying is.  Bullying is when someone or numerous someones target a weaker person and abuse them, for absolutely no valid reason.  Because of your large platform that you use as your sounding board for nonsense, you are automatically not weak by default.

Now, let me tell you what bullying is NOT.  When you post controversial content online in ANY forum, and then people respond negatively to the negativity that YOU started, THAT IS NOT BULLYING.  When you hire someone to conduct a service for you and then you tell them that paying them is not your priority, and then they ASK YOU FOR THEIR MONEY, that is not bullying.  When you reveal the names of people who've died, before their next of kin is notified, and then people get RED HOT ANGRY about it, THAT IS NOT BULLYING.  When people ask you to verify your credentials, which you cannot, THAT IS NOT BULLYING.  When law enforcement officers don't care for you because you show up at EVERY accident, crime scene, and event, stick your nose in it, and then incorrectly report it, THAT IS NOT BULLYING.  Those are a bunch of people being justified in their outrage toward you.

In short, when people respond to YOUR negativity with negativity, it's not bullying.  It's what you open yourself up to when you start a blog and pretend to be important.

I think that is the bottom line of why everyone is so up in arms.  After everything you've done, the plague you have become in our community, some people STILL think you've been bullied.  Here's the truth of Fayette Avacado and why they angered you SO MUCH.  Fayette Avacado sprung up overnight and proved beyond a shadow of a doubt, that absolutely anybody can post on Facebook and call themselves a news source.  They did the same thing you did.

And they did it better.

That's not bullying, DM.

If you are even a fraction as intelligent as you claim, you should be able to take a step back and think to yourself, "Gee, if it were just a couple people bothering me, who I didn't know and had never had any dealings with, maybe that would be bullying.  But if 900+ people are literally BEGGING me to go away, hmmmm, maybe THE PROBLEM IS ME."

You are the king of the term "two sides to every story."  And that's certainly true.  However, if you really believe that, how come nobody ever gets to see what YOU said, to provoke the things others have said to you?  Where was Derek Pfiefer's side ever posted?  Where is the side of the people who were FRIENDS to you, who you ran over with your big, stinky, bus on the 15th?  

Journalism is a notable profession.  The reason people are so angry, is because you disgrace it.  They're not bullying you.  Their reasons for being pissed are valid.

I am an internationally bestselling author.  Sometimes, people are mean.  Particularly in these fields where we purposefully thrust ourselves into the public eyes.  I have had people dislike my books.  I was not bullied. They are entitled to their opinions, and I was glad they bothered to share it with me.  Some people do get bullied.  Those are the people I feel sorry for when I hear your endless whining about being bullied.  We reap what we sow, DM.  If you can't hack it, and turn yourself around, this is the time to go get yourself a real job, because I assure you, it will only get worse.

Amanda Gatton
Proud member of The Fayette Avocado