Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Fairytale Diaries Art Journal: Book Three

This art journal and coloring book is intended for creatives who have a fondness for darkness.  Within, you will find dark fairytale renderings from the novels, No Happily Ever After, and Wonder Never.  These artworks are meant for you to bring to life in whatever medium suits you.  Additionally, each coloring page is accompanied by a decorative "quote" page which you may use as inspiration to write, draw, or collage around.  Also, with each coloring page will be a decorative page without a quote, hence inviting your own imagination to run wild, and an entirely blank page for you to use at your own discretion.

The Fairytale Diaries Art Journal is the perfect gift or treat for yourself, for all artistic souls.  It measures 8.5 " x 11 " with a velvety matte cover and just over a hundred pages to color, draw, write, and design for only $7.99 on Amazon.  Find your copy HERE.

Sample Journaling Page

Sample Coloring Page