Thursday, September 3, 2015

DIY Articulated Fairytale Paper Dolls

Author and illustrator Amanda Gatton has created a series of creepy princess articulated paper dolls to accompany her young adult book series, "The Fairytale Diaries."  Book one is entitled, "No Happily Ever After."  Book two is "Wondernever," and book three is a coloring book/art journal called, "The Fairytale Diaries Art Journal."  The series has recently released to rave reviews and is the must read of the approaching Halloween season.

These delightful dolls are fun for children's play and adults alike.  Use them for play, or use them to create your own art.  The dolls are available for sale, already assembled at Under the Sun and Moon on Etsy.  Or, you can print and assemble them yourself.  

Here are two of the dolls available free for you to print and assemble yourself!  Instructions for assembling are below!  Click the Alice and Cinderella watermark free pictures, save to your computer, and print.The rest of the dolls can be purchased either already printed and laminated, or for a fraction of the cost as a download and assemble yourself here.

You may also download creepy coloring pages that accompany the series here.


You will need: scissors, brads 1/4 inch or smaller (make sure your hole punch size is compatible with your brad size), a hole punch (I use a 1/8 inch hole punch for these dolls), laminating machine (optional), white copy paper (I do NOT suggest using card stock IF you are laminating.  If you don't care to laminate, then card stock is great!)

1. Place two sheets of paper on your printer.

2. Click print.   

3. It will most likely inform you that this document is formatted outside your print margins and ask you if you want to proceed anyway.  Say "yes" without fixing.  

4. Once you have the doll printed, you are now ready to laminate.  You can use your own laminating machine, or have it done professionally.  I do not suggest laminating pouches for these, UNLESS, you first cut them out, then insert them into the pouch, and then cut them again to leave an excess trim around them.  Or, of course, you can omit the laminating step altogether.

*Note* If you have a home laminator, I've found that if you use card stock, the lamination will peel badly as you cut out, and then if you are using these for a child to play with, it pretty much all falls off.  That's why it's best to just use regular paper if you want to laminate.  Laminating will make them a lot more durable and help prevent fading.

5. Next you will carefully cut out all the doll parts and their accessories.  Alice's book and snack tray have a line drawn on them where you may use a razor blade to create a slit for the doll to hold the items.

6. Each doll has a black dot in each spot where you need to hole punch.  Once they have their necessary holes, you are ready to assemble!  The two brads at the shoulders are also used to secure the arms.  

8. Play play play!  Create create create!

*Please remember these dolls are for personal use only.  Make art, play with your kids, give them as unique gifts to other children you love.  They are not for commercial use.  Please do not print and sell them as sets.  If you use them to create your own art, of course you may sell your art, but PLEASE make sure I am credited in your work.  Do not take credit for my work.  If you encounter any problems printing or assembling, please feel free to stop back by my store and I will do my best to help you!  Thank you, I hope you make many memories with my dolls.


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