Thursday, June 9, 2016

Moody Cat: Series Debut

Moody Cat is just your average cat. Happy go lucky, easy going, laid back. OK... Well, he might be slightly grumpy at times. And kind of a spaz. Mondays are a bit of a crazy day for him and his little family. But at then end of the day after a series of hilarious adventures, like coloring with friends, playing iPad, and running around like a loon,
they end up sleepy, together, and happy. 

Moody Cat on Monday is the opening installment of a new comedic children's book series written and illustrated by Amanda Gatton. Each book will feature sight words in bold text to keep your young readers engaged while progressing through the classroom "rainbow" of words children are required to identify on sight in Kindergarten. Extra review and scavenger hunt activities are included in the back of the book. 

To celebrate the launch of this new series, this Kindle copy features an EXCLUSIVE OFFER. In the back of the book you will find a link to download and print Moody Cat on Monday in COLORING BOOK format absolutely free. This coloring book will not be available anywhere else but here! Share your child's artwork with the author on Facebook and Instagram to be featured to her fans! 

Moody Cat is FREE with Kindle Unlimited and available in print on Amazon.  Grab your copy HERE.

See what readers are saying:

"Moody cat is like the kid version of grumpy cat! Grumpy cat is a goofy, healthy and active cat! This book shows the life of Moody and how his mood changes in response to different life situations! This book teaches children that we all make mistakes and things happen that we get mad about, Moody Cat shows how it's ok to mess up and not to feel bad, trying to keep a positive vibe! Moody is very relatable for children and teaches good life lessons and is defiantly worth a book to read with your young child."

"Moody is the new grumpy cat! I loved this book. I was gifted this book and enjoyed every minute. The photos were too cute! I read it to my five year old niece. She's now a Moody the cat fan. Can't wait to read more about Moody."

"Moody Cat on Monday is a great little read, I love the story of Moody Cat and the pictures are fantastic, I love that this is ready for little ones, there are site words and activities at the end to keep the fun going. I need to down load the colouring pages so I can have some fun colouring Moody Cat.

I read this with a few of my favorite kidlets, and they loved Moody so much, they thought the book was pretty cool, that Moody was pretty funny, the pictures were silly. There favorite part was spaghetti Monday pie, and pie pic teeth. The games were cool and fun, they said they would like to read more about Moody Cat."

"This is a fun little story for children. The illustrations are colorful, delightful, and helpful... they brought me closer to the various events that Moody Cat goes through on his Monday. Well written with activities at the end of the story.

Included is an Exclusive Offer to download a corrresponding coloring book. How cool is this? My grand babies love to color, as do I. I like the fact that Moody Cat is fun for all.

I was gifted an e-copy of this outstanding intearsctive gem by the author in exchange for an honest review. No remuneration was involved."

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Follow Amanda Gatton: