Saturday, September 30, 2017

ANNOUNCEMENT: Amanda Gatton Becomes ESL Teacher with VIPKID

I am delighted to share the most wonderful news!  I have joined ranks as an ESL Teacher for VIPKID!

As some may recall, I was in an accident in February 2017 where I broke my leg and had to have it surgically reconstructed with metal and screws.  This rendered me incapacitated for two months, and learning to walk again for many months after that.  I had been volunteering in the local primary school as a literacy tutor and the accident caused me to abruptly have to stop my classroom volunteering.  That teacher had suggested to me at the time that I should just apply and come to work for the school.  When I had the accident and couldn't be with my students anymore, I KNEW beyond a shadow of a doubt that I wanted to teach.  It was the singular thought that got me through my difficult and lengthy convalescence.  As soon as I was able to walk on a cane, I hobbled my little heart into the school board building and began that application process.

I began as a substitute teacher and substitute educational aide this school year.  I am REALLY enjoying it.  Being a small rural location, the need is low however, so I don't work every day.  I thought about opening my availability to other districts, but then I learned about VIPKID.  With this company, I can teach students one on one, English as their second language.  I can work from home and choose as few or as many hours as I would like.  Though I do love love love the classroom, and plan on continuing with occasional substitute assignments, that one on one work with students is extremely appealing to me.  Additionally, I have been working from home for six years already, and I have really enjoyed it.  So I went through the VIPKID hiring process and joined their company yesterday!

Now, you may have found this posting because you are thinking of undergoing the interview process.  Like I did, you are probably scouring the web for ideas and tips.  Here's my biggest tip.  Don't do that.  LOL  I watched and watched and watched YouTube videos and read blogs until I almost talked myself out of the whole thing.  I found one teacher in particular whose style I really liked and I took a lot of what she said into consideration.  Aaaaand, in my mock class, I ended up being criticized for the exact things that I had gleaned from the YouTuber.

This is the thing.  Teaching is a very important job.  I really feel the mentors want to see that YOU can do it.  That YOU can bring forward what they require for their students.  That YOU can think on your feet.  Not that you are able to model yourself after someone on YouTube.  After all, once you get the job, there won't be a YouTube how to on every single lesson, and even if there was, if you have to study and practice as much for every lesson as you do for the hiring process, the job becomes not do-able.  

If what VIPKID is looking for seems appealing to you, then just study the materials they provide (they do provide a ton) and then incorporate your own knowledge and personality into the interview process.  Incorporate how you REALLY WILL BE with students.  Let them see the REALEST real you!  If you are right for this, you will shine through, if you're not right for it, then you shouldn't do it, so either way, you don't need to psyche yourself out with seven hundred bazillion YouTube tips.  If you'd like to use my referral link to start your application process please click HERE.  Best wishes!  

I will post an update in a month's time to let curious folks know how it's going.  Also, check back often as I share lots of free coloring pages and when I design learning aides, I will share those here too!  Thanks for stopping by.