Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Amanda Gatton Art Gallery, Final Level, Conclusion

Here is a last dose of Amanda Gatton art, another of my loves, typography. 

Thank you for traveling through the world that exists inside my mind, and seeing things through my eyes for a little while. 

I hope you will follow along with me in other locations. Here are links to where you can find me: 


Also, I'd like to share with you, the links to some of my veeeeeerry favorite current artists and where you can find them on Instagram! If you've enjoyed visiting my art gallery, I can promise you will art out in their feeds!

Dinara Mirtalipova
Zanna and Harry Goldhawk
Terry Runyan
Jesi Lee
Sophia Rapata
Dark Town Sally
Lisa Congdon
Eloise Renouf

We have come to the end, for now! I hope you'll stay and visit other areas of my website such as the F.A.Q. or my library. If you'd like to revisit the contents of this portfolio, here are a few navigation choices: Start over from the beginning, navigate to the previous level by clicking here, or, you can access a table of contents which will show you all the portfolio levels in one place, by clicking here. 

I wish you the brightest blessings, and thank you again for being with me. I'll be seeing you soon!