Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Online Art Portfolio of Illustrator, Amanda Gatton

Hello! I am author and illustrator, Amanda Gatton. I am delighted that you've stopped by to take a visual journey with me today. I'll start out by telling you a little about me, and then I'll leave the rest to captivate your senses.

I am a wife, mom, and teacher living in a small town in Ohio. I have been writing stories and creating art all my life, and much to my great joy, my kids seem to have a love of the arts as well. So, we spend a lot of our time together immersed in crafts, art, and books. Likewise, my husband is a talented musician who fills our world with his art as well.

I have published books in a number of genre, however my greatest passion is writing and illustrating children's material. This could be anything from children's books, or "kidlit," to classroom aides, to coloring pages. I am a public school substitute teacher in preschool-grade five, so I pretty much spend all my time around that super special "kid energy." In a weird way, I guess I'm a sort of vampire since I love the energy and spirit of children of all ages, they keep me young, and fill my soul with joy!  Being around children is like medication to me! Therefore, I am constantly drawing from the wealth of joy brought to me by children, when I create.

In addition to "kidlit," I love to make textile art, art for home decor, typography, and patterns, or "surface art." I have worked in about every traditional medium there is over the span of my 38 years on this earth. Now, I am mainly obsessed with digital art and use an app called Procreate, A LOT. I use Procreate on an iPad Pro and draw/paint with an Apple Pencil. I have used a wide variety of styles in my art, depending on the project. However, Ed Emberley and Tim Burton have both been deeply inspiring to me, and I think you will find more than a little hint of the whimsical in all of my work, largely due to those two rascals! If I had to categorize my art style in just one term, it would be, "Folk Art." 

Here are a few more little tidbits about me, and things that I like in art, and then you will be directed onto the whimsical world of my creations!

A Note About Color

Meet the Maker
Meet the maker is a popular Instagram and Pinterest challenge for artists. Here is my submission to the fun.

Here is the "real me," except without my trademark rose colored glasses. People ask me a lot about my pink lens glasses. It ended up being kind of a cool, quirky artist thing, but it is for an actual reason. The pink lenses protect my eyes from terrible, debilitating light sensitivity that causes massive migraines and prevents me from working. The pink lenses are THE BOSS. 

And now! *Drum Roll Please* Enter the first level of Amanda's Art Gallery, if you wish!