Saturday, June 26, 2021

Fisher Price Dollhouse Makeover

 Lately I have become obsessed and consumed with making over a dollhouse by turning into a gothic manor. My daughter and her friend and I found the perfect plastic, fully furnished dollhouse on Facebook marketplace. We took a family jaunt to go pick it up, bought some paint and supplies from Dollar Tree, and then the fun began!

We started with black “hammered” spray paint and painted the brick trim white with acrylic. we really couldn’t believe how quickly and how well it came together. I didn’t really know what to expect with painting on plastic. 

I also didn’t know what to expect with painting the furnishings, or if we would really be able to get any sort of cool, spooky effect with them since they were very run of the mill plastic pieces. Boy have we been pleasantly surprised!!!

Our next step was to distress the exterior. The white brick trim was cool, but it looked to fake and plastic for the look we were going for. So, we used a “dry brush” method. We took some grey paint first, dabbed it onto a medium sized paint brush, and then dabbed most of the paint off onto a paper towel. Then we just gently swiped over the house, especially over the white brick. Repeated with some white, and then some black. Then, glued on some little foliage from Dollar Tree!

Next came the really fun part! The furniture and decor. This was the part I thought would make or break us. This furniture might just be took silly to be cool… But, my daughter Carmen and her friend Lexi ended up being REALLY good at repainting and distressing the furnishing, and then we added little details using Dollar Tree craft supplies and things we printed off the Internet. I have a thing for making paper dolls, so any doll we want for the place we can make!

One of my favorite features so far has been the rooftop printed grave yard. But, if we have a graveyard on the roof, then where are the bodies buried??? We needed to make our own catacomb, which I made by drawing little skeletons, skulls, and other items in Procreate. There’s even an old fashioned love letter in there! I mixed in some of our Dollar Tree foliage, glued it all down to a black piece of poster board, and then hot glued it to the ceiling! If you’d like to make your own catacomb, I have added the printable here for you to print and use!

We plan on being proper little goblins and just adding and adding to this place forever! So, check back often for more updates!