Friday, April 12, 2013

Make a Wish and Blow - April 5

There was a lovely dandelion, planted beneath a lofty tree.
She soaked up the springtime and ruffled her petals for the sun to see.
Dandelion spent her days chatting with lush fields of clover.
And singing with her lovely sisters, dandelions all over.
Dandelion would grow weary and lay down for rest in the afternoon.
Then, she would spring up happily awake underneath the moon.
Dandelion would stretch and dance in the dewy morn.

And so Dandelion spent each day since the day that she was born.
Dandelion’s petals grew soft and fluffy as the sun took on a hotter glow.
Suddenly, a mommy picked Dandelion and told her babies, “make a wish and blow!”
Dandelion’s lovely petals had turned into fluffy seeds.
And a seed’s delicate wings carried her up through the leaves of trees.
Leaves rustled against Seed’s face, playfully tickling her.
Then, she giggled and grinned above a farm field patchwork.
As she drifted along the water’s edge, Seed was caught in the stream’s breeze.
And, a cool mist sprang up to lick the cheeks of little Seed.
Afternoon turned to evening and seed drifted into the wind of a storm.
Seed jumped about between the lightening, attempting to stay warm.
Seed swam up against the crashing raindrops, so wet and loud.
And soon Seed blustered up into the calm above the dark clouds.
Seed drifted up, up, up, above even the sky, into Outer Space with a million stars on a canvas dark as night.
All was quiet and still, the music of the wind no more, despite a starry sea of planets and universes galore.
Seed hitched a ride on the fiery tail of a shooting star.
To make her way back to Earth from which she’d traveled way too far.
The fingers of a delicate breeze pulled little Seed down through wispy clouds.
And gently little Seed traveled further down among the snow tops of rocky mounts.
The travels and great adventures made Seed a sleepy lass.
And she drifted down, down, down for a rest on a soft bed of grass.

While Seed slept…  Winter came.  Snow fell all around.
Seed cuddled soundly and safely under her warm blanket of ground.
At the end of the winter season with springtime’s sing-song lilt,
Seed squiggled and wiggled out from under her winter quilt.
Once spring arrived, Seed stretched herself up tall for the sun to see.
And once again there was a lovely dandelion planted beneath a lofty tree.