Sunday, April 14, 2013


All our treasured memories
pretty posed photos
locked inside the galleries
in the dead beat ghettos
  of the bitter soul
  whithered black as coal

Others would be surprised to know
what went on behind closed doors
what makes you think i need you now
I'll leave you like you left before
  a lovely scrapbook tainted
  our life a picture painted

I could easily walk away
From the prison of your love
Escape the pain of your wicked sway
Finally be rid of
  your careless indifferent oversight
  see the dawn after endless night

You've hurt me for so long
if you could just let me go
Then you could peacefully ignore
The years and years of ugly wrong

What makes you think I need you now
No matter what you say or do
I'll be just fine, just fine
I'm not like you