Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Amanda Gatton's "Gypsy" Series

I have FALLEN IN LOVE!!!  With digital art.  In honesty, I have tried to learn digital art for years.  As advancements have been made in the technology of creating digital works of art, I've become particularly intrigued by flat style art such as that which can be found in the games Two Dots and Monument Valley.  I can look at art like that for hours on end.  Plus, as a children's book illustrator, I really needed to catch up with the times.  My hand drawn art is simply no longer practical for the purpose of children's illustrations, and digital art is typically more appealing to that audience.  Plus, I just love color.  Lots and lots of vivid, endless color!

However, when I purchased a computer drawing tablet and Manga Studio 5 a few years back, my efforts to learn digital art were a massive flop.  I just...  Sucked at it.  It caused me a lot of frustration and tears.  However, I kept trying, and trying different things.  Finally I tried drawing with my iPad instead of the computer.  THAT, my friends, was a game changer.  I found Sketches App first, and then Procreate App.  I love them both, but Procreate has now become my main mode of creating art.  I haven't even touched a Prismacolor or Sharpie in about a month at this point, and that is HUGE.  Both of these apps are just as suitable for professional artists as they are for kids just starting out.  Well worth the small fees regardless of your intended use for the apps.  Procreate takes some fiddling, but there are an endless stream of online tutorials and encouragement online, in addition to a wealth of free brushes available!  

I recently found myself WILDLY inspired by an Instagram drawing challenge called #FridaManiaChallenge which was a series of prompts that were inspired by the work of Frida Kahlo.  I love participating in drawing challenge.  This was the first one that I did the prompts digitally instead of hand drawing.  I have now uploaded a number of my pieces inspired by this challenge and all made with my Procreate color palette which I call "Gypsy."  These pieces are available in a variety of ways such as art prints, framed or unframed, apparel, pillows, totes (MY FAVORITE), carry all pouches, clocks, and more!  Go to Society6 and check out this new collection!

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