Saturday, August 5, 2017

Amanda Gatton's "Happy Gypsy" Collection

I am IN LOVE with my new collection, which I call Happy Gypsy.  It was digitally designed using my favorite Procreate color palette, which I named "Gypsy."  Now you can wear or decorate with
these beautiful hues!  Whether it's your dorm room, living room, bedroom...  Whether you'd like to wear, phone, carry, or journal!  You won't be able to help but feel HAPPY with this beautiful floral print collection.  Bits and pieces of the collection are available on both Society6 and on Redbubble.  My store on Redbubble is new, and at present I am creating different designs there than on Society6.  However, both sites have some unique items.  For instance you can find backpacks on Society6, and drawstring bags on Redbubble.  You can find hard cover journals and stickers on Redbubble but hand towels, shower curtains, and window hangings on Society6!  Between the two, we have all your decorating and apparel needs covered!