Saturday, September 30, 2017

NEW: Drawing Challenge Designs

Ah, it is OCTOBER! (Well, in like, seven hours, alright?  Close enough!!!)  I can smell the fallen leaves, pumpkin spice, and GRAVEYARD GHOSTS in the air! Or wait, maybe graveyard ghosts isn't a smell, I don't know.  Who knows?  Quit distracting me, would you???? 

You probably haven't noticed, but I love Halloween.  Who am I kidding?  If you've known me for thirty seconds, you've noticed that I love Halloween.  But do you know what I love MOST about October?  INSTAGRAM DRAWING CHALLENGES!  There are SO many!  So much artsy, creepy goodness EVERY SINGLE DAY!  The ones in which I will be participating are: #mabsdrawlloweenclub #drawlloween #inktober and #drawtober I will probably even get a couple prompts in here and there for some more challenges throughout the month as well!  But the thing to know is that the headquarters for my Halloween drawing designs is my shop on Society6!  I have already released some of them, and don't forget, Society6 now offers STICKERS!!!

In honor of their new stickers, and of tomorrow's big kick off of all the creepy drawing madness, enjoy this boho skulltastic series of mine OUT TODAY!  Click HERE.