Sunday, April 14, 2019

FREE Flying Monkey Paper Doll

In celebration of the launch of a new paper doll product at Grimdol Fair, I have created FREE for you, this delightful Flying Monkey articulated paper doll! The new dolls are steampunk style Wizard of Oz Characters!!! All you need to do is click the picture, save it to your computer and then print him out! Cut, assemble with brads or fasteners, and you've got a sweet new toy.

Mr. Monkey compliments the new DIY paper doll collection, and his outfits are interchangeable with theirs! The collection includes nine beautifully illustrated Wizard of Oz characters and trading cards, and you can find the funky folks HERE. 

More and more dolls will be added to the shop. Mythology, and Tudor dolls are all coming soon. Fairy tale villains and princesses, as well as Fierce Women are already available! Make sure to check back often to the paper doll section, and also give the shop a "heart" so you are notified when new items are added!