Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Free Winona Ryder Paper Doll (Stranger Things and Beetlejuice)

Now offering a FREE Winona Ryder paper doll for you to print, assemble and enjoy. This doll includes costumes from that Winona wore in her roles as Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice and as Joyce Byers from stranger things! My dolls are created in a Tim Burton style, which is only fitting for the lovely Winona Ryder! The printable version is at the bottom of this post. Simply click, save, print and assemble! I recommend that you print on card stock or laminate the doll. You then punch holes where marked to attach her clothing, hair, and let her arms move and pose.

Here is Joyce. Wouldn’t it have been nice if she could’ve had one of my Stranger Things Ouija Boards? It may have helped her out a little with her upside down communication? 

You can find several other free paper dolls here on my website. I also have a number of awesome sets for sale on my Etsy store, Grimdol Fair. Here is the doll for you to enjoy: