Friday, May 8, 2020

Preferred Isolation Scenario

So, depending on how well you know me, you may know that I’ve struggled a lot with major depression throughout my life. Even though I am a person who self isolates a lot in normal times, for a number of reasons, this strange time we’re all living in has been tough on me (as it has so many). I guess that I already felt isolated in life, and now I really am isolated and it’s just been a weird time for me mentally. In addition to recently joining Cerebral, I have also been doing some therapeutic art. I guess the point of these art pieces has been to open my imagination to isolation scenarios that are more appealing to me. Well, I’ve been sharing them on Facebook and much to my delight, some folks have really enjoyed them. One lady, who was a full time RV enthusiast for ten years let me know she found them really compelling and it really made me feel good that my art made her think of a happy time in her life. She offered to buy them but I just wanted her to have them. I’ve decided to share them here, free of charge, for anyone who might find some peace in my “preferred isolation” digital paintings. Whether you use them as a screensaver, or save them and print them off, whatever you wish is fine with me. As I add more to the series, I’ll post them here too! I hope you are well and you can manage to find some sense of peace in this crazy time in our global community.