Sunday, June 27, 2021

FREE Printable: Edwina and Edward Allan Crow Dolls


I got a little obsessed with having and Edward Allan Poe paper doll for our gothic dollhouse. So I made one, and I gave him a gloomy little Victorian companion as well. In real life, Poe did marry, but the relationship was not what we would consider acceptable by today’s standards, as he married his first cousin when she was only thirteen, and the young lady eventually died from tuberculosis. In my fanciful world, I changed his wife into Edwina Crow, a fully consenting adult with big Tim Burton eyes. 

Edward lives in his dining room, which he has taken over with his crazy neurosis of stacks of newspapers, magazines, money, food, and more. Meanwhile, Edwina dotes over the children of the Nightcare for Wicked Children. 

These dolls are easy to print, cut and assemble, and they come with some cool accessories, including a tiny book that actually has Annabel Lee and The Raven in it’s pages, and a grandfather clock with a hidden compartment containing an anatomical heart.

You can print your own by simply printing the picture at the top, or you can download a PDF of the dolls by clicking here. Send me pictures of what you do with your dolls over on my Facebook page!

I am thinking of doing some Addams family dolls, but I can’t decide. Who should I make next?