Thursday, June 10, 2021

Quinn’s Story

 This totally awesome creepy tale is brought to you my Outschool learner, Quinn, age 6. She is in my Story Makers Club She was tasked with the following writing prompt: “Write about a scene from a nightmare that comes true the next day.” She also created this OUTSTANDING illustration to accompany her spooky tale! You are going to have nightmares, we are not sorry! 

Every night when I go to bed, I hear Thier creepy voices in my head.  They tell me they are going to take me away from my mommy, and my home. They sing creepy songs la la  la le laaa la all night long.    At 2am I woke up.  The dolls were all surounding me, my nightmare came true.  They side your coming with us, your one of us now.   When I looked in the mirror I had a creepy raggedy black dress, and I had no pupils anymore.  I was not in my bedroom any more, I was in an abandoned house.  It was the doll makers house were the doll army lives.  There was a lot of spooky stuff happening.  There was an old man making creepy dolls.  There were blood smears, and banging sounds of trapped people trying to get out. There was loud glitching music too.  The dolls all turned to me and said your one of us now, welcome home.    I guess I live here now, forever.

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