Friday, July 2, 2021

New Story from Quinn

 A new spooky snippet from Quinn, who wrote this from a picture writing prompt of a creepy tree and a dilapidated old house. 

****Congratulations to Quinn for her recent art competition victories! I'm proud of you and love your art and imagination!****

Me and my mom moved in to an old abandoned cabin in the woods.  It had a very big, creepy, odd looking tree right next to my bedroom window.  I don't know what it was, but there was something I didn't like about that tree.  Every night when I went to bed I could hear all kinds of eerie sounds, and I swear that tree was moving.  I told my mom, but she said she heard nothing.  She said I was crazy trees don't walk around in the night.  Then I started to notice every morning when I woke the tree was further and further away from the cabin.  The tree was no longer next to my window, it was very far away now.  It was for sure moving.  I told my mom, but for some reason she couldn't see what I did, I was the only one who could see what was happening.  I got my camera and started taking pictures of the tree to see how it had moved.  I had proof now but my mom could still not see it.  I was all alone, I was the only one that knew the truth.  When I went to bed I heard the tree calling me name.  I was terrified!  Even though I was very scared I decided to go to it.  The tree had giant souless eyes, an open mouth full blood soaked yellow sharp teeth, and cackled like an evil witch.    I had never been more scared in my whole life.   The tree wrapped its many branches around me, and said I got you now.  It had all been a trap.  The tree was moving far away to lure me away from my mom, and my house.  The tree made sure only I could see the truth , not my mom.  Maybe my mom wont even know anything ever happened to me at all, maybe she dosen't remember that I ever existed.