Thursday, July 29, 2021

Quinn’s Story, Part 2

 My creative writing learner, Quinn, has brought us part two of a story she started HERE, which she has written based on a picture writing prompt. 

It took a real long time but I finally, escaped from the doll makers dungeon, and got away from the doll army.  They had me locked away in that creepy place for months now.  My mom was so happy to see me again she said I could go to toys r us a buy anything I want.  I found this odd looking stuffie.  My mom thought it looked scary, but I thought it was kinda cute too.  So that's what I picked.  We bought it and went home.  I played with it all day.  Later that night I started to get a funny feeling about that stuffie, so I locked it in my toy trunk when I went to sleep.  At 2am I heard a rustling noise, I didn't know what it was.  I looked around and saw my toy chest opened.  Thats not the way I left it.  Then I saw my new stuffie on the ground torn apart.  With all its stuffing torn out.  Then I saw them it was the doll army.  They were everywhere in my room, they had me surrounded.  They must have snuck inside my stuffie, before I bought it.  So they could sneak back in my house, and get me again.   I didn't know what to do.  There was no way out, I was trapped.   They got me now, here we go again.