Friday, July 2, 2021

Snippet 2 from Lotte

 My student Lotte returns with another chilling glimpse of the haunted world inside her imagination.

There is silence in the womb.
It pulsates, throbs, yet never ceases to give its light. 

Flickering shapes draw past what little vision I have, then the womb heaves yet again to seemingly push me onto another plane of gravity. 

The squelching noises resume as small air bubbles blow past like stars in an endless, flesh-covered void. More tearing feelings are entering me. It doesn’t matter, I’m used to them by now. More fluids pump into my insides from numerous intravenous tubes.

I can barely remember when I had a life outside the womb, a life outside the rhythmic pulsing of this aquatic wonderland. A few flashes return sometimes, memories of a world full of light, of a body much different from this one…so faint they seem to be only dreams by now. They have to be; I couldn’t leave if I wanted to.

It tells me I am only gestating, that I still need more time to achieve who I truly am. 

And I know that someday, I will be all grown up.